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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Social Media and Android

Amazingly, there ia no easy way to update fb fan pages with photos from a mobile device. iPhones can...but even the fb app for android doesnt let you. So how to do it?

There are always options such as to update everything on-mass using such apps as pingdroid or anypost, but even so, no photo updates to fb with photos. We've found that setting up custom posting groups on allow us to post closely to what we want. Custom groups on anypost seem to error out.

But what do we mean when we say "closely to what we want?"

It all comes back to facebook fan pages and the inability to post images on our android phones. We can use pingdroid to post text updates to all our social media sites, so we've created a posting group for just that. We can post status updates/mini-blogs with photos to everything but fb, so that gets a posting group too. Then of course there are full length blogs; that excludes fb and twitter, so we've created another posting group for this too. The annoying thing is that we have to separately post pictures to fb via email. As of now there is nothing for android that does it all in one fell swoop.

But hey, at least we've finally found a way. So definitely be on the lookout for new and exciting postings!

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