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Monday, December 7, 2009

The Utter Stupidity of Storm Water Engineering in Southern California

It is a wonder of engineering that the endless networks of concrete gutters lining the roads, highways, and parking lots of Southern California passed engineering review and were allowed to be installed anywhere, let alone on a mass scale.

During the dry season the concrete troughs (gutters) are a traffic hazard; bottoming out shocks; even scraping bumpers as cars cross them through intersections or into parking lots.

During the rainy season...water channels into the gutters, often flooding out of the channels into the street miring down the entire adjacent lane. Dirt and debris in the gutter cause the appearance of rapids in a raging river. On the highways the torrent of water causes lane closures, traffic, and accidents as drivers lose control in the deep waters and hydroplane/spin out.

Is this safe???

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