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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


If you haven't gone looking, let me officially tell you there's got to be a million different networking sites out there. And that could be low-balling it. I assure you I've never heard of most of them. It seems, however, that they all get fairly decent traffic, and those individuals that use a particular networking site and/or service are pretty loyal to them.

So what is Driftwood Photography Studios doing?

FACEBOOK has recently broken into the top 3 sites viewed on the web in the US, and is #4 in the world. Thats the entire internet. Wow. So of course you can find Driftwood Photography Studios' FACEBOOK page by searching the site for "Driftwood Photography" or following this link.

Blogger is the current #7 viewed site, so clearly if you're reading this blog you know we've got it covered. Hopefully there are enough links to our sites/profiles throughout our blogs that you'll find yourself on our page.

LinkedIn is becoming ever more popular. And you've got it- we've created a Driftwood Photography Studios profile there too!

Then there's a plethera of local ones out there. Look around, make a game out of seeing where you can find us! Then of course, book a photography session too!

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