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Thursday, August 13, 2009


It's 7am, a little gray out, and the surf is relatively flat. It's also low tide, but unfortunately the rising tide probably won't change much. Yet still there are guys out there surfing- or maybe more accurately trying to catch anything that resembles a wave.

A couple years back I traded my place in the mountains and snow for a beach side apartment. At times I'm amazed at how many people I see paddling out into waves that someone half my size would have trouble catching and riding. They're the die-hards. Out every day regardless of how bad the rest of us might think it is.

Then I think back to my days as a competitive skier. Was I that much different? Fifteen below zero, rain, it didn't matter. I was out there on the slopes, as still are a number of people I know.

Here's to all the die-hards out there. I think I'm going to grab my camera and hope you put on a show. Check back later at

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