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Friday, January 20, 2012

Temptations and Food Photography

It's really hard working with baker's and pastry chefs. That is, hard not to tear into and eat whatever delicious desert, breads, pastry, chocolates, etc they've set down to be photographed.
We're really not into the whole fake/inedible food-as-a-prop photography. We want it to be real.
For those who do enhance their foods for pictures, it doesn't have to be paint or noxious products. You can use all sorts of little gimmicks, glazes, colorings, gels, and nameless other Edible products to enhance a food to make it look more appealing. "Food Stylists" do this all the time. But still, put the two next to each other, and the real thing will be a bit of a let down. And that means you won't get to (read can't) eat it after the shoot!
Think about the latest fast-food commercial you saw. How great do their burgers look? Now think about the last time you ate was squished, wasn't it? The lettuce and tomatoes really didn't look that fresh, did it? Most all of it, the burger included, was hidden beneath the bun- it's not overflowing, filled with the freshest, grandest ingredients, is it? Lets face it. If they advertised what their food Really looked like, who would would impulsively say, "I've gotta go get one of those!"
April Sweets stopped by a new Pecan Coffee Cake to shoot the other day. Still piping hot and gooey from the oven. It was the end of a late day, a day we hadn't really eaten dinner. Can you say special torture?

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