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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Road to Peahi - Fine Art Weekly Photo

Peahi. Jaws. If you're a surfer you've already got a veritable ocean of images surging through your mind. Massive waves stacked as far as you can see. Jetskis. Helicopters. Tow-in surfers charging down choppy wave faces the size of six story buildings.

But how do you get there? Well, hop a flight to Maui for starters. An unassuming road off highway 36 in Paia, Maui's north shore, winds it's way through a local, rural neighborhood, soon becoming a bumpy, twisting, rolling dirt track leading through a mile and a half of sugar cane fields. Hope it hasn't just rained, and if it has that you have four wheel drive.

But winter or summer, it is a beautiful sight to see. The little unassuming bay, at the end of this little unassuming road, off the major state highway running along Maui's north coast, comes alive in winter. The solitary summer drive through green sugar cane fields can make you feel like one of a very select, special few on the entire island. Time it right, the verdant fields shine golden in the sun.

Summer or winter, Peahi is a special place in the world to be.

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