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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Greenstone Curl - Fine Art Weekly Series

Thought we forgot about it, didn't you!

New Zealand is well known for their native Greenstone. In case you don't know that or what it is, it's what they call the precious stone Jade. Kiwis are a unique bunch...the stone is green, so they call it greenstone. And they are well known for it.

OK, maybe not as well known for their sheep, or their glacial topped peaks and deep fjords, or beautiful bays and waves in the North Island, or even their unstoppable rugby team the All Blacks. But historically where other Polynesian tribes traditionally made their tools, weapons, and adornments out of stones, shell, or bone, the Maori people of New Zealand typically used the seemingly plentiful greenstone found on their islands. Today greenstone jewelry and pendants are an important part of the tourism industry.

In 2005 we found ourselves in the little west coast town of Hokitika, on New Zealand's South Island, where we learned about New Zealand Greenstone. It was here we found the most stunning greenstone sculpture piece. The endless colors of green, ranging from the deepest of deeps to vibrant emeralds and the milky blue-green of the glacial rivers. All blending and fading seamlessly in a beautiful curling piece.

This week's piece in our Fine Art Weekly Series is a brilliantly stunning barrel shot from Cylinders, in Newport Beach, CA we entitle "Greenstone Curl." Taken under dark skies in some of the clearest water we can remember in southern California, the turn of high tide provided some brilliant backwash to the heavy, barreling shore break wave. The resulting colors reminds us of the brilliant color strata found in that exquisite piece of greenstone carved in Hokitika.

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