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Monday, April 25, 2011

Fine Art Weekly Name This Photo Contest

It's tough picking which photo to post for our Fine Art Weekly column. Tougher than we though it'd be to do this weekly art component to our blogs. Not for lack of material. There are a lot of great photos to chose from, but why chose one photo verses another?

A lot of outside factors are often considered.

For example, the winter ski/snowboard season is winding down all over the country. Most places it's over, but there are still a few places open. It snowed in a number of mountain resort towns last week. The Wedge is firing here in Southern California signifying the start of the summer surf season. The Follow the Light surf photography grant submissions are coming due. The Nike Lowers Pro down at Trestles and we're busy lining up work. We've been watching our favorite photographer's new show on the Weather Channel.

Torn between surf and snow, water and land, broad landscapes and detailed elements, color and black and white...This week we give you an un-named photo. It's coastal, but not your standard ocean shot. Definitely a fan favorite.

We're going to do our first fan contest: Name this photo! Come up with the best name/caption to this photo; if we use it win a signed print on Driftwood Photography Studios! Leave your submissions as a comment on any of our blogs (bloggerwordpress,tumbler) or our facebook fan page! (Minimum 20).

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