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Monday, March 14, 2011

Fine Art Weekly

We've begun posting one fine art photo per week on our Tumblr page, and have had great success, so we're instituting it on our blogs as well! Be sure to look for them every Monday!

Monday March 14, 2011

Waves makeup the world. Wether it be a light wave, sound wave, magnetic wave, or even a wave in the ocean. They can be beautiful. They can be fun to play on.  As the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan one again showed the world, they can be destructive and deadly too.

This week's fine art post showcases a trio of images illustrating just how powerful and massive waves can truly be. They're not tsunami waves, but rather the result of a large winter storm that swept across the Pacific Ocean. In the first two images the swell found the quiet little town of Morro Bay in California; the third is when the same swell found Avila Beach, also in California's central coast.

In the first shot we see a SUP (stand up paddle boarder) inside the harbor jetty while a massive 30-foot wave explodes on and over the breakwater. The SUP is great for scale. We tried for an hour to get a shot of him riding a small wave in the foreground while massive waves exploded over the jetty in the background, but it wasn't meant to be.

Don't be fooled by the second photo...this is the same breakwater as the first, taken only minutes before the SUP paddled into our frame. Yes, that's over 50-feet of white wash exploding in the air up and over the harbor jetty!

Our third photo has a great sense of scale...we are certainly much farther away from this wave, but it's truly amazing to see a wall of water completely covering a massive harbor breakwater, and the resultant spray from it's impact shooting well over the heights of the boats safe in the harbor. Just another reminder...the Army Core of Engineers might know what they're doing, but mother nature really doesn't care, and will find a way to trump man whenever she wants.

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