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Monday, March 29, 2010

Tips and Tricks for Portraits

Have a portrait session scheduled?  Here are some tips and tricks from Driftwood Photography Studios to help ensure you get the finished pictures you're after:

  • Indoors (at a studio, your home, etc.)
  • Beach shots, and/or sunset shots
  • Rocky cliff shots
  • Lush green scenes (whether it be in a lush garden with flowers and green, or a simpler, more close-cropped tropical leaf background)
  • Snow/winter scene
  • A place of special meaning
  • If you want to have a haircut, best to get it 1-week before the shoot date.
  • Choose outfits carefully/according to settings, as lightest, brightest color in the picture will be the immediate focal point.
  • The goal is to have your faces pop and be the focal point, not the clothing.
  • Chose a setting/style that fits you and your family (darker tends to be more formal/serious, lighter/brighter being more playful/easygoing)
      -If a darker location/darker background, chose darker tone clothing.
      -If lighter/brighter location, neutral tone clothing works best.
  • Dress everyone in similar colors/tones otherwise it will look like a random collection of people rather than a group/family.
  • Especially with women, if there is a mixture of light and dark clothing, it can actually make the women look heavier, just because of the added intensity/focus the overall lighter clothing contrast puts on the entire person when viewing the finished photo.
  • Unless doing close-up headshot type photos (shoulder and higher), it is best to wear long sleeves, stockings if dress/skirt that are darker than your flesh tone, etc as the exposed skin or lighter stockings will take the focal point away from faces and to that lighter color in the picture, which also can make arms or legs look bigger than they are.
  • Don't wear over exaggerated v-necks, tops with a exaggeratedly low cleavage line (as much as guys like it, it is what becomes the focal point of the entire photo), or turtle necks that bunch up around the neck and cover the entire neckline up to the chin.
  • Shoes, stockings, socks, etc. should match with the overall outfit; in the event that the photographer takes full body shots you want to ensure that un-matching elements don't also detract from the overall composition.
Please call, text, or email us to arrange a meeting, view more samples, or schedule a photo session/shoot.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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